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The Pre-Registration Deadline for the Health Summit was March 7. 
Many seminars are already full but on-site registration will be available for seminars that still have space available.

North American Division Health Ministries is excited to announce an amazing lineup of keynote speakers and a great array of seminars from fitness and lifestyle to mental and emotional health. Prepare for inspiration and instruction from leaders in the faith and health movements.

• More than 20 seminars of training on a variety of programs
• A track for pastors and clergy
• Seminars for healthcare leaders
• All tracks with practical information for outreach
• A track for nurses
• Hands on experience on health evangelism
• Health Expos for the community (adults and children)
• Evening health sessions to the community
Keynote Speakers

Dan Jackson
North American Division

Mark Finley
Assistant to the President
General Conference 

Tricia Penniecook, MD
Dean, School of Public Health-
Loma Linda 

Neil Nedley, MD
Author, Nedley Depression Recovery Program
President, Weimar
Inspirational Speakers

Dave Weigley
Columbia Union

Jon Paulien, PhD
School of Religion
Loma Linda University

Don King, DrPH
Atlantic Union
Allan Handysides, MD
Director, General Conference Health Ministries

Special Guests and Presenters

Fred Hardinge, DrPH, RD
Associate Director, General Conference Health Ministries
Kathleen Kuntaraf, MD
Associate Director, General Conference Health Ministries

Peter Landless, MD
Associate Director, General Conference Health Ministries

Michelle S. Davis, MD
Regional Health Administrator
Dept. Health and Human Services
Full Bio

Jaime Torres, MD
HHS (Dept Health and Human Services, Regional Director - New York City)
Full Bio
Featured Musicians
Jaime Jorge


Clayton Nunes

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Sponsored by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists