Keynote Speakers

Ben Carson, MD*
Chief of Ped. Neurosurgery
Johns Hopkins Hospital

Richard Hart, MD
Loma Linda University

Peter Landless, MD
Health Ministries
General Conference

Tricia Penniecook, MD
Dean, School of Public Health
Loma Linda 
*Video Address      

Gerald Winslow, PhD
VicePresident for Mission
Loma Linda U. Medical Center

Katia Reinert, PhDc, CRNP, FNP-BC, PHCNS-BC, FCN
Health Ministries Director
North American Division

Lowell Cooper, MDiv, MPH
Vice President
General Conference

Ivan Williams, DMin
Ministerial Director
North American Division

Neil Nedley, MD
Weimar President
Founder and Author

Nedley Depression Recovery Program

John Bradshaw
It Is Written

May-Ellen Colón, PhD
Sabbath School & Personal Minisries Department Associate Director
General Conference

Sung Kwon, PhD
Adventist Community Services Director
North American Division

Jon Paulien, PhD
School of Religion

Loma Linda University

Esther Knott, MDiv
Associate Director
Ministerial Department
North American Division

Jim Ingersoll, MEd
Associate Director
Education Department
Southern Union Conference

Acacia Bamberg Salatti, MDiv
Acting Director
Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Patternships
US Dept. Health and Human Services (HHS)

Anthony A. Medley, DMin
Senior Pastor
Emmanuel Brinklow
Seventh-day Adventist Church

Ken Denslow, MDiv
Assistant to the President
North American Division

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This summit of courses is designed for health leaders and individuals wanting to share evidence-based wholistic health programs which will enable them to effectively present the life-changing elements for abundant living. If you want your congregation's health ministry to be relevant and able to address current health issues, you will want to attend.

Featured Musicians
Music Coordinators
Pr. Sergio Moreira
Calvary's Light
Handbell Choir

David Ortiz
Natasha Richards

Mahalia Washburn

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Sponsored by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists