There is no health without mental health. This emotional wellness summit is designed for health professionals, health leaders, pastors and individuals wanting to learn more about prevention, treatment and recovery strategies for better mental health. Information shared will be evidence-based and wholistic, highlighting the role of faith communities and faith-based institutions in enhancing the mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals and families in the community. If you want your congregation or clinical practice to be relevant and able to address current mental and behavioral health issues, you will want to attend. 

Keynote Speakers

Vivek Murthy, MD
US Surgeon General

Peter Landless, MD
Health Ministries Director
General Conference

Daniel R. Jackson
North American Division
Lowell Cooper, MDiv, MPH
Vice President
General Conference

David R. Williams, MD
Harvard School of Public Health

Kiti Frier Randall, PhD
Psychological Services Department of Pediatrics
Loma Linda University Health

Kenneth Pargament, PhD
Director of Clinical Training, Department of Psychology, Bowling Green State University
  Plenary  Speakers  

Harold Koenig, MD, MHSc
Center for Spitituality, Theology and Health Director
Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Duke University

Katia Reinert, PhD, RN FNP-BC, PHCNS-BC
Health Ministries Director
North American Division

Gerald Winslow, PhD, MA
Director of Ethics
Loma Linda University

Neil Nedley, MD
Weimar President
Founder and Author

Nedley Depression Recovery Program

Heather-Dawn Small
Women's Ministires Director
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Carlos Fayard, PhD
Associate Director for Mental Health
Loma Linda University
School of Medicine

Duane C. McBride, PhD
Institute for Prevention of Addictions, Research Professor of Sociology

Ricardo J. Whyte, MD
Medical Director of the Chemical Dependency Unit
Loma Linda Univesity Health

David Sedlacek, PhD
Program Director for Department of Discipleship & Religious Education
Andrews University

Elie S. Honoré, MD, MPH, MHA
Adventist Health Services
Inter-American Division

Belkis Archbold, MPH, RN
Health Ministries Director
Inter-American Division

Jennifer Jill Schirwzer, LPC
ABIDE Counseling

Who Should Attend: Mental health practitioners, health professionals and clinicians, health ministry directors and volunteers, pastors, women's and personal ministry directors, community service and outreach volunteers, youth leaders, anyone interested in learning more about mental and emotional wellness, and you.
The Health Ministries departments of the North American Division, Inter-American Division and South American Division are excited to announce our amazing lineup of speakers and great array of seminars in the area of mental and emotional health. Prepare to be inspired and taught by leaders in the faith and health movement as we look at issues related to:

• Trauma and Resilience
• Enhancing Brain Health
• Faith-Based and community partnerships for improving mental health
• Healthcare Institutions and innovative approaches to fostering mental health
• Comprehensive Health Ministry and mental health for ministerial families, youth, women and more.
• â€‹Addiction prevention and recovery
Adventist Health Ministries from North American Division, Inter-American Division and South American Division




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Sponsored by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists